Cyber Legacy subscription

Becoming a member of the Cyber Legacy fan club isn't just an upgrade of your gaming skills and access to club championships, but it’s also a chance to become a player on our club.

What the
CYBER LEGACY subscription gives you

Our branded <br> energy drink
Our branded
energy drink
An opportunity to participate in club championships
An opportunity to participate in club championships
An analytical report of one of your games
An analytical report of one of your games
Get unique benefits, event invitations, discounts, gifts and the opportunity to upgrade your skills under the guidance of true pros.
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The energy of daily victories
The frantic pace of modern life and the constant ambition to surpass oneself requires more endurance, speed and awareness.

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Club championships

An opportunity to become a part of CL
Custom Cyber Legacy championships are a unique chance to prove yourself and become a part of our sports team.

Every 60 days, CL will hold a custom championship, which subscribers can participate in.

You will have the opportunity not only to compete with our athletes, but to also win valuable prizes. Don't forget that our sports manager will be watching the course of the competitions and you just might be the best candidate for him.

Analytical report

Become better than yesterday
Analytics is a true professional’s key to success. Once a month, each subscriber will be able to receive an analysis of their game from the Cyber Legacy club.

All you need to do is to upload a video of your game in your personal account. Within 3 working days after this, a specialist will send you a file with a detailed analysis of game moments and suggestions for improving your skills!